Yale Access Module Troubleshooting

If you run into issues with your Yale Access Module, the following troubleshooting tips should be helpful. The article Installing the Yale Access Module provides information and visuals to assist with installation.


Registering your module:

Follow steps below to enter the Programming Menu on the host lock to register your module:

  1. Enter the Master PIN code on the keypad, then select the gear key
  2. Press '7', then the gear key
  3. Exit the menu by selecting the 'Previous' button (the red back arrow in the upper left corner) or wait for the menu to time out

This completes the registration process for the module.


The number 7 does not appear on the keypad

If the number 7 does not appear on the keypad, it may be due to any of the following reasons:

  1. The Master PIN Code is not set
  2. The module is not properly seating within the lock
  3. The lock is not compatible with the Yale Access module


If the Master PIN Code is not set

Module setup is not possible until after the Master PIN Code has been configured. Follow the Master PIN Code registration steps:

  1. Press the Gear button in the lower right hand corner of the keypad
  2. Press 1 or follow voice command to create a Master PIN Code - listen closely to the audio instructions if your model supports this feature
  3. Enter a Master PIN Code that is between 4-8 digits long
  4. Press the Gear button to complete PIN creation
  5. Press the upper right Previous (P-arrow) option or listen closely to the audio for instructions

After completing the PIN creation steps, press any key on the keypad to calibrate the lock and complete setup.

If the module is not properly seated within the lock

If the module is not properly seated in the lock, you may receive a Module Communications Error. In the event that this happens, first remove one battery from the lock. Wait 10 seconds, then reinsert the Yale Access module, then replace the battery. Listen carefully for lock sounds as it powers back up. Check the lock to see if the error comes up again. PLEASE NOTE: It is critical that the battery is removed before the Yale Access Module is removed and reinserted.

If you continue to receive the Module Communications Error, you may need to physically factory reset the lock. PLEASE NOTE: When a lock is factory reset, all user codes including Master PIN Code are deleted and all programming features will be returned to their default settings. Follow the steps below:

  1. Remove the battery cover and batteries from the lock
  2. Remove the interior escutcheon to access the reset button within the lock
  3. The reset button is located beside the PCB cable connector
  4. Reinstall the batteries while holding down the reset button for a minimum of 3 seconds and then release
  5. Replace the battery cover

Upon reset, Master PIN Code creation is the only option available and must be performed prior to any other lock programming. Follow the steps listed above to complete Master PIN Code creation.


If the lock is not compatible with the Yale Access module

In the event that your lock is incompatible with the Yale Access module, you will be unable to complete setup. Please review the deadbolt compatibility list to ensure that your lock is listed. If you are unsure what model lock you have, the model number for your lock is located on the inside of the battery cover.


If none of the above, you may need to factory reset the lock.

You can find the factory reset method for each lock on the lock manufacturer's website. Please note that when the lock is factory reset, all existing settings and PIN codes associated with the lock will be erased and reset to default settings.