Matthijs Van Daalen

Research and Development

When a tool is simple to use, it’s easy to forget that someone had to invent it. Finding such solutions is an integral part of Matthijs Van Daalen’s work at the ASSA ABLOY competence center in the Netherlands.

“Working at ASSA ABLOY is really fun because in the R&D department we use brainstorming to come up with ideas.

The easy installation system for top and bottom rod leaf doors is a prime example.The challenge with these doors is threading the rod through the door to the lock and then mounting it onto the lock. It’s painstaking and time consuming.

In a brainstorming session, myself and two colleagues came up with several ideas, and through trial and error we determined the best solution: pushing a double loop of wire through the rod and into the door, then installing the lock with the wire hooked around the pin. When you pull the wire, the rod is guided into the lock.

It took about six months from scratch to having a working, tested prototype – time well spent.
“Normally it takes about 20 minutes to install a door system with top and bottom rod. With this solution it takes five minutes, so it saves 75 percent in installation time.”