Fire Security Safe

Fire Security Safe
Fire Security Safe
Fire Security Safe
Fire Security Safe
Fire Security Safe


This Yale Fire Security Safe is equipped with a unique digital security keypad with many user functions and features.

A scramble number input enables personal codes to be hidden within longer sequences of numbers. Whilst additional access codes can be set for one time use.

This state-of-the-art safe has been carefully designed to be worthy of your confidence and the Yale brand name.

Product Features

  • Hardened steel plates protect locking mechanism
  • High security lock
  • Tested to withstand up to 1 hour of intense fire
  • Heavy duty hinges protected with 18mm fixed bolts
  • Heavy duty 4 point locking
  • Adjustable internal shelf
  • Emergency battery capability
  • Low battery warning
  • Heavy duty fixing points (2)

State-of-the-art digital touchpad;

  • Unique touchpad technology
  • Code scramble input function for privacy
  • One time access codes
  • Silent input option
  • 1-48 hours total lockdown mode
  • Time lock when wrong code is entered
  • Resettable 4-12 digit code
  • Low battery alarm signal
  • Emergency battery capability

Yale Fire Security Safe is certified by SP (Swedish National Testing and Research Institute)

  • 1 hour fire protection for documents. The internal temperature will not exceed 100ºC at an external temperature of 927ºC
  • Certified to Sold Secure Standards