Yale’s Touchscreen Digital Deadbolt works with the Morepork Home Automation Solution


Ever headed off to work and realised mid-commute that you had forgotten to lock the front door? Now you can lock and unlock your Yale Touchscreen Digital Deadbolt door remotely with the help of Morepork’s smart home automation system. Morepork is a ‘peace of mind’ service that lets you easily monitor and control your home from a single app on your smart phone. It can let you know if your alarm or smoke alarms are triggered, turn lights and electrical appliances on or off at certain times, or right now from the app, and peek-in with live video or recorded clips and photos to see what’s happening.

Yale’s Touchscreen Digital deadbolt is a ‘works with Morepork’ certified product. This smart lock allows you to lock and unlock your door from the Morepork app and web portal, so it’s perfect for letting in tradies or temporary guests. It also allows you to unlock the door with pin codes, which can be set for individual users, and sends you alerts on who’s coming and going.

Whether you want to check in on the kids, turn the alarm on after you’ve left or have the lights come on just before you get home, Morepork can take care of it all. And now with the Yale Touchscreen Digital deadbolt on board, you can have the peace of mind that your home is secure when you’re out and about.