Yale’s top tips before heading away for the weekend

Thinking about heading away for Labour weekend? Use Yale’s top tips to help make sure your home is secure before heading out and enjoying the long weekend.

  • Put your mail and newspaper deliveries on hold. Ask a neighbour or family member to keep an eye out for packages or flyers.
  • Use light timers for internal and external lights. It can be a good idea to set radios and televisions on timers too.
  • Ensure you have your lawns mowed and plants watered prior to leaving. If you are going away for a longer period of time enlist the help of a neighbour or family member to keep the property tidy.
  • Lock up your windows, doors and garage or sheds.
  • Advise your Neighbour Support or Neighbourly Group you are heading away.
  • Resist the urge to post your vacation photos all over social media as this sends a message that your house is empty. Wait until you are back from vacation to share these photos over social media.
  • Pets? Think about hiring a pet sitter to keep your pets in their usual routine or give your pet a holiday too by putting them into boarding for the weekend.

Why not consider installing a Yale Look Digital Door Viewer whilst you are away? This will give you complete peace of mind providing you with notifications of who’s been at your door via the Yale Look app. Find out more here:  https://www.yalelock.co.nz/en/yale/yale-nz/products/additional-door-security/look-door-viewer/

You’re all set to go, now enjoy your holiday!