Why not escape from the shed or bach this summer?


Here at Yale we’re always on the lookout for new and innovative ways to keep our brains occupied. So recently we were excited to hear about a new ‘live escape game’ called Escapade.

Based in Auckland’s CBD, Escapade draws on Kiwi ingenuity and lateral thinking to deliver a truly intriguing team activity that’s sure to bring out your competitive spirit.

Using all your team’s combined observational skills, problem solving abilities, street smarts and common sense, your task is to decipher a set of tricky clues and puzzles as you all race to find the answers and escape – in under 60 minutes.

From the second you enter the near pitch black room, each equipped with a torch, you feel the pressure of the clock ticking away as you scramble for the first clue…

Every team works differently, and you soon work out who excels at which type of thinking. It might sound simple but when you’ve been struggling with the combination for a padlock for over 5 minutes, you may just feel differently!

There’s even a choice of two different games – The Shed and The Bach. Both have a distinctly Kiwi feel and are equally gripping in their own right. As a group of 2-4 you will do well to complete the challenge in under the 50 minute average - we finished in a respectable 42 minutes btw!

Escapade was created in collaboration with two Australian psychologists, drawing on the global phenomenon of escape games that’s seeing a return to physical problem solving come back into fashion in a big way.

For more information check out escapadenz.co.nz