Safer window ventilation with Guardian


The Guardian Securistay is the next generation of window stay, providing safe ventilation while you’re at home.

This modern window restrictor is a great way to keep the summer breeze flowing through your home during the warmer months. Designed and manufactured in New Zealand, the Guardian Securistay is very simple to use. It restricts the amount your window can be open, allowing ventilation and airflow, while also providing security while you’re at home. Plus it’s safe for kids too – by restricting the opening to less than 100mm, children are safe from falls while the window is open.

The patented design also allows the window to open out fully, using the tool provided - it cannot be released by hand, or if the window is partially open. For your convenience, the Guardian automatically re-engages, as the window is closed.

The Guardian is quick and easy to install with just a few DIY tools. Also available in a range of colours for timber and aluminium applications, this Guardian is modern, unobtrusive for curtains and blinds and complements your home interior. You can find out more here, or check out our video below.