First impressions start at your front door


The entrance to your home is the first thing your guests see as you welcome them in, so we thought we’d share a few tips on making a good first impression.

Firstly, make sure your front door and hardware reflects your home’s style and comes across as inviting.

Using colourful tiles or repainting your wooden door a bold colour is a sure way to add extra personality to any entranceway.

Plants or décor that match your personal style add a welcoming touch too. Be sure to keep it free-flowing, by placing them so they don’t clutter or obstruct the entryway.

You can open up your front entry by adding full-length windows to the left or right side of your door – this will let light into your home and make your entry seem larger.

To improve the look of your front door, you might also want to consider fitting a lock from Yale’s digital door locking range.

Our stylish locks create an instant look of sophistication, not to mention allowing keyless entry using pin code, fingerprint or card access.

Alternatively, pair a sleek pull handle with the latest digital deadbolt from Yale, an easy-to-install DIY product available from all good hardware retailers.

Check out the range here, with locks to suit any home, from classic to contemporary. To find your closest hardware retailer, see our Stockist Locator.