Finding the right padlock has never been easier with Yale’s new and innovative range of padlocks


In 1865, Linus Yale, Jr. of Salisbury, New York, patented his most important invention, the Pin Tumbler Lock system that was to make Yale a household name. Inspired by basic principles first used by the ancient Egyptians 4,000 years ago, the new type of lock applied a simple yet ingenious approach that has helped position Yale as the world’s favourite lock brand.

Linus Yale’s spirit of innovation lives on in the Yale brand today, with a complete range of high quality padlocks now available in New Zealand. The range includes open and closed variants, together with a choice of hardened steel, bronze or brass, Boron & molybdenum shackle. A performance rating is available on all residential padlocks to help you choose the right padlock. The range also includes padlocks suitable for commercial and industrial applications.  

Brass Padlocks

The classic series offers a range of general security padlocks that are suitable for indoor and general outdoor applications. These solid brass padlocks also have added design features including new satin brass finishes and smoother rounded forms. For a higher level of security try the SY124 Series Brass Rectangular Padlocks with Steel Shackle. The SY124 series has added design features including tough new satin chrome plated finish, new body design and smoother rounded form. 

Combination Padlocks

Our re-settable combination padlocks have multiple digit codes - up to 10,000 combinations - with rotary or three/four dial discs types to offer an alternative keyless security solution.

Outdoor Security Padlocks

This padlock range offers general security for outdoor conditions. They can be applied to gates, garages, shutters and shed doors. These padlocks' unique satin chrome plated finish and Boron shackle increases resistance to attack.

Travel Padlocks

In vibrant, easy to spot colours and produced in solid, moulded metal, Yale Travel Locks are an essential item for frequent travellers. For trans-Atlantic travellers, the Yale Travel Locks range also includes official TSA approved Locks.

Chains and Bike Locks

Yale’s range of chain and bike locks is the smart choice to keep your bicycle or motorcycle safe from prying hands.  So whether you use your bike for recreation or for your daily commute to work or school, you can be sure that Yale will keep you moving forward. 

Novelty Locks

Check out our range of novelty padlocks with exciting shapes and lively colours which will give your backpack, sports bag or gym locker a personalised look, whilst also securing your contents!


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